Junior High Concessions


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Note from Coach Ledl

Our concession stand operates as a mini-fundraiser for both the spring and the summer season. While it is time consuming, and at some times frustrating, we ask that you work the game amounts the coordinator provides. This money is used for field improvements and for equipment the program uses. Therefore, it's directly used in some aspect, by each player in our program. In order to promote fairness, and keep parents from having a heavier burden than others, please do your part. We always appreciate your help and have the best parents around.


  • All parents will be given an opportunity at the parent meeting to sign up to work games at the beginning of the season by our concession coordinator Jill Ashley, based on the schedules provided by the coaching staff.
  • A schedule will be provided to each parent regarding games to be worked, and will also be posted on our website www.logrogbaseball.com.
  • If parents choose not to sign up at the parent meeting then they will be automatically placed by our coordinator into vacant spots and will be expected to work those games.
  • Parents must work the minimum of required games (depending on schedule) per Spring Season and Per Summer Season. Dates/Times can change due to weather and scheduling so we ask you to be flexible and appreciate your understanding. Tournament schedules will be given as soon as possible but additional games worked will be needed for home tournaments.
  • Any scheduling conflicts with concession stand work needs to be taken care of by the assigned parent. Parents may either switch with our workers on alter games or provide someone else capable of working that game (Nobody under the age 16).
  • Please send an email to Jill with any schedule changes as soon as possible.

Concession Stand Rules

  • Individuals not working a shift should not be inside the concession stand.
  • No one under 16 should be handling any cash transactions (They can always help you but should not be the person actually exchanging monies).
  • Several procedure sheets are posted throughout the concession stand on how to prep/handle food, opening and closing procedures, and how to handle the money box. Please follow these at all times.
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes early if you are designated to work a shift.
  • Please do a good job cleaning our grill. Every time we have to replace a grill it cuts directly into our profits and takes money away from something that could be used for players in some aspect.

Money Box

  • Money Box will be provided each evening or at each tournament by the Head Coach, Jill Ashley, or Larry Zahn.
  • Please keep a tally of starting and ending cash. There is a form located inside the concessions stand box to make it easy and quick.
  • If additional supplies are needed please contact Larry or Jill, or Coach Ledl before purchasing items to determine whether we need reimbursement or cash in the box may be used.
  • Please do not purchase items on your own and ask for reimbursement (Examples: Donuts, Ice Cream, etc.).