Wildcat Offseason Program


Non-Winter Athletes

Open Weight Room (Nov 6 - Dec 13)
Tuesday Weight Room (Ledl/Mather) 2:50-3:10  
Thursday Weight Room (Ledl/Mather) 2:50-3:10  
Offseason Workouts (Jan 9 - Feb 15)
Monday Birm (Indoors-Fordland) 3:00-5:00  
Wednesday Birm (Indoors-Fordland) 3:00-5:00  
  • ● No cleats/No sleeveless shirts
  • ● Must have hat
  • ● Must bring 5 dollars per day for the use of the Indoor facility
Open Cages
Players can check out a bucket any morning or on any weight room day for additional hitting (Subject to change due to basketball practices).