Wildcat Offseason Program



Preseason Program Sep 8 - Oct 20

Monday 3:00-4:00
  • ● Run, stretch, flex tees.
  • ● Keep everyone together to do band routine. If someone is waiting to do bands then put them through a stretch routine.
  • ● If they threw on Sunday then they do not need to do (Turn and Burns, Side to side, or Arm Care Ball Routine).
  • ● Long toss (air it out), when at 90 ft (3-5 turn and burns), when at 90 ft (3-5 side to side and throws), work in cool down, 45 ft flat grounds.
  • ● Flat grounds- Work on 4 seam, developing 2 seam, and change up, off speed CR/SL work on just flipping.
  • ● After flat ground: Work on pickoffs 1st base, 2nd base (Glove side/Inside)
  • ● Every pitcher needs to do their Driveline/Armcare, If they don’t have a program they will do Mather's.
  • ● Arm care with a red ball.
  • ● Weighted arm circuit, jobes, rope.
  • ● Conditioning at the end some type of distance running. Try to run for 10 minutes.
  • ● Run, stretch, flex tees.
  • ● Band work
  • ● Throwing program- no long toss, go only till 90-120 max and throw on a line, absolutely no lobbing, throw as hard as you can.
  • ● Figure 8's, turn and burns, side to sides (start off with reps of 5 then build up each week).
  • ● Pitchers must work on pick off moves (1st base, 2nd base).
  • ● Arm care with red balls.
  • ● Conditioning at the end: Sprint work
  • ● You must wear a shirt with sleeves or long sleeves depending on the weather. You need cleats, and a hat.
  • ● You must have rides here by 4:05. No later.
  • ● If you are pitching in the fall ball league you need to run 15 sprints after you pitch in that league and run for 30 minutes distance run during the week.